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Commercial Projects - Duke Architectural Millwork

At Duke Architectural Millwork, we continue Founder and President Nick Jackson’s focus on uncompromised quality, outstanding service and competitive pricing for our commercial and institutional clients. The standards for high quality workmanship and business practices for the North American millwork industry are set by the Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada (AWMAC) and the American Woodwork Institute (AWI). As an AWMAC member, we are able to offer its guarantee and inspection service if required.

We have successfully completed over 4000 commercial millwork projects in our 35 years in business. Some of our commercial clients include:

Naikoon Contracting Ltd.

Tri-Sun Designs

Vancouver Parks Board

Bird Construction

Ram Construction

Boydco Renovations

Lyle Construction

Grata Construction

Counterpoint Interiors

Cogent Contracting

Turn-Key Constuction

Wallace & Company

Pax Construction

Prism Construction

CDC Construction

Dayton Mills Construction

Bynett Construction Services Ltd

Dawn Installations

PDF Construction

PGS Construction

Dom Group

Pac Blue Printing

V-Pac Construction Group Ltd.

Y-5 Creative

Murphy Construction Corporation

Larco/Maple Leaf Storage

Wales Mclleland Construction

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